On teaching Math

I have always loved math. Correction. Once I figured out my times tables and started to build on that success I came to adore math. I love how there is a problem to solve and a concrete solution to be found. When I studied music, I discovered that the way I understood music and the way I understood math were very similar.

When I do math lessons with my students I want them to enjoy it to. I want them to see how it is present in art, in  music and all around us.

As a teacher, I like to approach mathematical concepts through games and art.  I used the idea above with my grade 3 students during my fourth Field Experience. They played a game with dice and graph paper that helped them to understand the concept of area. Each student got a turning throwing the dice. The resulting two numbers gave them the measurements for length and width which they then coloured in with their chosen colour. Once the graph paper is full, the person whose coloured boxes cover the greater area of the paper is the winner.

The best part about the game? The kids loved it and didn’t even realize they were learning a new concept. Success!