About Me

Hi! I’m Tessa. I’m just finishing up my Education Degree at McGill University in the Kindergarten/Elementary Program.

This degree marks a change in career for me. I originally attended the University of Ottawa to study Music. I continued my studies at Mcgill University with a Masters degree in performance and went on to work as a freelance musician in Ottawa and Montreal. While my main instrument is the french horn, I will always love playing the piano – my first instrument. I have also explored both theatre and visual arts over the years and look forward to incorporating all the arts into my teaching practices. Most recently, I spent 4-5 years working as Personal Trainer, and am very passionate about the importance of health and physical fitness.

I have two young children, ages 3 and 7; watching them learn and grow inspired me to to pursue a teaching career. It is fascinating how young children absorb and learn so much in their early years. I have always believed that teachers perform an invaluable role in providing young students with a solid base to their educational journey and their lives. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to participate in that role.




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