I am a proponent of putting much less emphasis on grades and much more emphasis on the depth of learning. I feel that both Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment are indicators of where a student finds themselves on a learning continuum. Students may be on a par with their peers or ahead or behind, but all of them have a capacity to learn and are moving along that continuum. They should get to feel pride in their accomplishments. We cannot possibly know the limits of any child’s potential and thus should never imply to a child that their potential has limits. I have known too many individuals who were deemed poor students and yet have gone on to live successful, fulfilled lives.

As the image above illustrates, I sometimes feel like assessment is akin to hunting for clues. Some are readily evident and others must be searched for.  I am interested in using each and every clue to tailor my teaching practices, provide feedback and guidance to students and enrich my students’ learning experiences.

Here is a paper I wrote on rubrics, what they are and pros & cons: On Rubrics