Sample Strategies

Here are some strategies, forms and graphic organizers that I have used or plan to use in my teaching practice.

Brag Tags: 

For weekly use, brag tags are small ways of giving regular, positive feedback to students


Source: Jody Dragon

Traffic Light Feedback Cards:

I love these cards for the immediate feedback they provide the teacher and the metacognition they encourage in the students. Each student receives a set. The class is given the opportunity to show their cards to the teacher to let him/her know how they are grasping any given topic, concept or activity.

Source: Teacher's Pet

Source: Teacher’s Pet

Self-Regulation and Behavioural Visuals: 

These cards provide the student with a reminder of appropriate behaviour and rewards that he is able to select. The system is meant to encourage self-regulation.

visual reminder for student


Below are several more documents in PDF format. Please click the title to view the document.

Feelings Self-Assessment

Behavioural Self-Assessment

Voice Level Chart